Proper Court Etiquette

1. Courts are available to be booked between 7:00AM and 11:00PM through the online booking system. If the reservation is not in the online system it is assumed to be available for play by another member.

2. When moving onto the courts to play, DO NOT walk across or behind the court if it is occupied. Wait until play has stopped and then walk around the playing area to get to the next court.

3. Please try to keep the noise level down both on and off court. Loud conversations or comments can be distracting to players.

4. If your ball rolls onto another occupied court, DO NOT chase after it. Please wait for play to stop and ask for it.

5. Please ensure to wear proper footwear (non-marking athletic shoes) and all players must wear shirts.

6. Abusive language against other players or staff will not be tolerated.

7. Abuse of any club equipment or the club facilities will not be tolerated.

8. Courts are to be enjoyed by members of all ages and all levels of play.

9. Most importantly: be considerate and have fun!

Failure to adhere to these rules may cause the loss of tennis court privileges.