Junior Clinic - Junior League - Junior Social

Junior Clinic

The junior clinic is a drop in clinic each Friday where juniors can learn a new skill and practice it in games. It is a great way to meet others and play against different people in a group setting.

Free for all members.

May 18th-August 24th

4:00 to 5:00pm - Ages 6-10 years old
5:00 to 6:00pm - Ages 11-15 years old

Junior ladders

Junior ladders are for players who can rally back and forth successfully and have had an introduction to match play. Juniors who are members or a part of a family membership are welcome to register. Juniors who are part of the after school or camp programming will have to purchase a membership if they wish to participate in the ladders. Juniors will be assigned matches to set up and play through the ladder, however there is no supervision and set times for the program. It is up to the juniors and/or their parents to coordinate the match times and supervise if supervision is needed. It is also the parent responsibility to book the court and enter the times.

Juniors will play two rounds - one in June-July and in July-August. Free for all members.

Each of the following age divisions is pending minimum registration numbers in order to run.

Juniors - ages 7 to 10, suitable for U10 level players
Juniors - ages 11 to 14, suitable for U12 and U14 level players
Juniors - ages15 to 18, suitable for U16 and U18 level players