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May 24th - August 24th Mondays and Thursdays from 6-8pm

2018 Club Registration

With a membership at the Manotick Tennis Club, you will receive a digital key fob that will allow you to access the courts anytime between the hours of 7am and 11pm. A membership will also allow access to the many clinics and programs available at the club. In addition, you will receive an OTA membership included with the club membership that will provide additional benefits and discounts.

To register for a club membership, please use the online registration link below: starting March 1st. You can also register in-person during registration weekend in on April 28th & April 29th 11am-3pm

Membership Type Cost (CAD)
Family 240
Adults 120
Seniors 75
Young Adults 75
Juniors 60
Guest (Peak Hours Fee) 10
NCTA Players 30
Pickleball only membership* 60

- HST is applicable on Membership prices
- Membership fees include OTA membership.
- All fees are in Canadian Dollars.
- Membership fees are refundable up to 15 days after payment.
- Family: Limited to 2 Adults and unlimited children under 18 yo, living in same house
- Young Adult: Ages 18 - 25
- Guest peak times (8-10am M-F; 6-8pm M-Th)
- $30 per team member. $5 per week for substitutes.
*2 Pickleball courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis from noon to 6pm Monday to Thursday, and noon to 10pm Friday to Sunday (excepting 2 tournament weekends.) Pickleball players must rotate in 30 minute intervals or less if people are waiting.

Security FOBs

Please note that security FOBs from last year expire the end of April and will need to be reactivated after your membership payment is made for this season. For security FOB reactivation please email or stop by the clubhouse during the in person registration days on April 30th & May 1st 11am-3pm.

For new members who have registered online and require a security FOB please email or stop by the clubhouse during the in person registration days on April 30th & May 1st 11am-3pm.

Please note that members are entitled to one security per membership, additional FOBs can be purchased for a fee of $10.

Online registration opens March 1st, 2018.

Click the button below to view our membership login page where you can purchase a membership or view your account activity.

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For more information on the club membership, please contact: